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World Premiere?

So after the overwhelming response I’ve had about my initial Petter Northug youtube video and after his triple gold performance in Liberec, a few people asked me if there was going to be video about his successes in Liberec. I thought to myself, I have the footage (thanks to a nice guy in Britain that was able to torrent the World Cup season), but I needed to find proper music and a little creativity. Hopefully I accomplished this, but that’s up for the viewer to decide. I apologize in advance about the poor quality, it was a lot clearer before I uploaded it. So without further adieu, I present “Northug’s Golden Hat-Trick”. Enjoy.

Til Next Time.

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  1. tdf2007 (also BasilBrush and JungleBoy)
    March 29, 2009 at 12:59 pm

    Nice bit of editing.For those people without a Demonoid account the same torrents are also on Piratebay:http://thepiratebay.org/user/basilbrushI've just uploaded the last race of the Biathlon World Cup.IBU Biathlon World Cup Mass Start Khanty Mansiysk (29th March 2009)http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/1852596http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4809790http://www.mininova.org/tor/2430594

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